What is the meaning of life?
( I found it )

Let’s say you born as a tree.
How will your life be like?

For your entire life, you will be growing
from the ground to towards the sky.

In between, you will face
good weather conditions
and bad weather conditions.

When you are young you look beautiful.
And you give your fruits and shade to
help other living beings.

When you are old you look sad.
One day eventually you will fall.

Your life is just like a tree.
The meaning of life is,

Simply the experience between your birth to fall.

Everyone is going to die one day.
But, You are more than a tree.

  1. You as a human being you can move around the world.
  2. Taste any food.
  3. Think and do the things you want.

You have more power and possibilities than a tree.

Now you need to ask yourself,
What kind of experience 
do you want to have in your life?

So let’s go to the next chapter.
Understanding the meaning of life
as a human being.

In my understanding,
the meaning of life is:

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Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought.

Charles K. Kao

Now let’s start exploring this one by one.

First, let’s see understanding.
Understanding is everywhere.

You are reading this article 
because you can understand.
What I am telling you through the text,
which you are reading now.

If you cannot understand,
What I’m telling you?
You will not be satisfied with this article.

So this concept applies to everything.

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Whether it is an article or life, understanding is essential.

Do you know the number one problem
we have right now on this earth?

That is lack of understanding.

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There are no good people and bad people,
everyone is defined by their behavior and actions.

The behavior and actions are
defined by several factors.

  1. Emotions 
  2. The understanding they have.
  3. Their life experience and situation.

A simple example is the difference in
behavior and actions of a
soldier and doctor.

To find the proper way,

You need to think beyond these
limited conditions. To think beyond these,
you need to have an understanding of fundamentals.

Like, what is the meaning of life?
Next, don’t put yourself into a circle.

As long as you follow the fundamentals
you can do things differently.

So next let’s see,
What kind of understanding
do you need in your life?

First, you need an: 

1. Understanding of yourself as a human being.
2. Understanding as a parent, teacher, and friend.
3. If you are a leader you need a strong understanding of
leadership as well.

Now let’s talk about:
1. Understanding of yourself as a human being.

Have you ever thought about 
why your life is so complicated?

Because we as human beings,
We are complicated living beings on this earth.

First, we have a built-in emotion system.
Which has different kinds of emotions or feelings.

We have:

  1. Desire 
  2. Passion 
  3. Anger
  4. Fear

And a bunch of other feelings to list on.

First, you need to understand this
your emotions are controlling you.

Example, angriness can make 
a wise man into a madman.

Whatever feeling life throws at you
you need to be strong.

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What the world throws at us is not necessarily your choice, but what you make out of it is entirely your choice.
Other people are doing what they want, but it’s your reaction which causes the suffering.
There is no way you can fix yesterday, but you can create a tomorrow.

Second, every human is unique.
And has different levels of emotions and

So this means understanding between
people is essential, to live happily on this earth.

This is how understanding is essential in your life.

Next, let’s go to kindness.

What is kindness?

Kindness is helping others without any expectation.

Kindness is not giving all that you have.

Kindness is giving something which you
have more than you need.

Kindness is the fundamental quality of a human being.

Okay, next let’s go to


What does sacrifice mean?

Giving up something important or valuable to you
to get or do something more important.

Sacrifice is an act of kindness.

Your parents are sacrificing their entire life
to give you a happy life for you.

Doctors are sacrificing their safety to save us.

Finally, there are two points you have to understand.
Always thinking about the future and
the past, is not going to help you in any way.

Because you don’t have any control over
the past and future.

All you have is present time.

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The meaning of life is consciously living in the present time.

Second time can change everything.

There is nothing permanent
everything is going to destroy one day.

The person who understands this 
they will not be addicted to any desires.

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Happiness is to be known, not to be achieved.

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