How to make life easy
( In 2 steps )

So let’s get started.

To make your life easy

First, you need to find out,
what makes your life hard?

For most people, your desires make your life hard.
Because your entire life will be based on your desires.

You may have different desires,
but as a human being, you have desires.

In your entire life. You will dream, wish
and work hard to achieve your desires.

But once you achieve a desire,
a new desire will arise in you.

It’s a never-ending loop.
You will spend your entire life by chasing desires.

So to make your life easy,
First, you need to take control of your desire.
To take control of your desire,
we are going to do 2 steps.

The first step is to verify your desire.

So to verify your desire,
first, take a pair and a pen.

List all the desires you have in your mind.
It can be a phone, your dream car, or a house.

Pretty much everything that you think has a desire.

Okay, now you have a list of all your desires.
Next, let’s go to the next step.

Which is to remove unimportant desires.

How can you find your unimportant desires?

Just imagine yourself.
You are stuck in the middle of a desert
and you are thirsty.

There is no one available to help you.
Now you only have two options.

  1. Water 
  2. $10,00,000 ( 1 Million )

What will you choose in this situation?

What is the one desire you have right now?
Yes, you will choose water.
Because in this critical situation,
water is much more important than money.

Right now, can you understand that?
Your desire will change based on your situation.

The situation can be your location,
age and surrounding people.

So now you know that your life will be
based on your desires.

Your desires will change based on your situation.
And that is not permanent.

So let’s go back to our question. 

How can you find an unimportant desire?

Just imagine this desert situation
and check your desire list.

You will find which one is important
and which are not important.

Now remove the unimportant desires
from your list.
Always remember this desert situation
whenever a new desire arises ( created ) in your mind.

Next, let’s go to the 2nd step.

Make your desire easy to achieve.

Let’s say you need a house to live in. 

But if you think you need a costly house,
you have to earn a lot of money to achieve that.

That will take a lot of your lifetime and your work.

Now, if you think based on what you actually need,
your desire will become much easier to achieve,
and you will get a lot of free time to enjoy your life.

So this is how you can make your desire easy to achieve.

Next, let’s go to the 2nd part.
How to handle the most common problems
that can make your life hard.

The 1st problem is lack of understanding.

As your family and other people are also humans,
so they also have desires,
but they may not aware of
how to take control of their desires.

So please make sure to share this article
with your family and friends.
That way they can learn
how to take control of their desires,
and make their life easy.

Okay, let’s go to the next big problem.

2. Do you calculate money? 

Money plays a major role in every human’s life.

If we don’t know exactly where your money goes on,
Financially, it will be hard to make your life easy.

So it’s essential to track your earning and spending.

You can use a Google sheets or
a simple paper to do the calculation.

From now on, whenever you like to buy something,
remember the desert situation and ask yourself.

 Do I actually need this?
This way, you can avoid spending money on unimportant things.

By getting loans and credit cards,
you will get into a loop of never ending debt.
So save money and spend it with your earnings.

So this is how you can make your life easy
by taking control of your money.

Okay, let’s go to the next problem.

3. Your envy is your problem. 

If you think and do based on
what others have and don’t have
your life will be based on others, not you.

Let’s say your neighbour bought a car.
And if you think you also need to buy a car like them.
That is called envy, which can make your life hard.

So you need to think and do based on
your actual situation and need.

The next big problem is,

Having children is good, but too many?

The current generation is
highly affected by the increasing population,
and lack of job opportunities.

The cost of living also increases day by day,
so be conscious.

The final problem is you may think
you only have all the problems.

The truth is everyone has problems.
Example, a deer has a life problem by a lion.

According to recent research by WHO
2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home.

So this means you only do not have all the problems.

Don’t worry, be happy. 

This is how to make life easy in 2 steps.
Thank you.

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